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We help companies in automotive, logistics and production to find qualified employees from abroad

Thanks to us, managers and leaders have peace even during seasonal fluctuations or when expanding production. We will get them employees who want to work abroad, process all permits and take care of them. And when any problem arises, we solve it without delay.

We are a staffing agency. For companies from automotive, logistics and production, we provide employees from Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and other Eastern European countries. We also provide outsourcing of production or logistics processes. Thanks to us, up to 2,000 employees work in Czech companies during the season.

We are a subsidiary of the employment agency Europa Workintense, which has been recruiting abroad since 1996. We have a license for job placement granted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Project manager, HR specialist, foreign recruiter, language coordinator or visa manager. We don't have one person for everything, everyone is fully focused on their agenda. This makes recruitment and involvement of employees in your company easier.

Each project has its own team

We take care of our employees every step of the way

We will provide a coordinator, interpreter, accommodation, transport to work, training and work clothes. Our person is always available to the workers. And you have less to worry about.

We are constantly thinking about how to do it even better

We have experience from various companies and industries. We will advise you on how to catch pitfalls, for example in shift planning or job transfer.

We have our own visa and legal department

We reduce employee turnover by resolving employee card applications in a timely manner. We will ensure a smooth transition of foreign workers from short-term to long-term work.

Before we start working, we will evaluate your situation and select a suitable solution

Tell us what people you need, how many and when. We provide everything from visas to payroll.

Involvement of agency staff

We will take care of recruitment abroad, selection procedures, interpreting and administration.

Tribal recruitment

We will listen to the assignment - what you need to produce, where, how and by when. We will arrange the rest.

Outsourcing of partial processes

We work for multinational corporations and regional companies from all over Central Europe

The first employee from Ukraine came to the Czech Republic with us in the early 1990s

We are setting up the Europa Workintense agency in Ukraine and gaining our first experience.

1991 -

1996 -

Europa Workintense enters the Czech market.

2000 -

We have the first 100 satisfied customers.

2008 -

We are founding GOODWORKER and our first service is the recruitment of qualified Ukrainian workers to Czech companies.

2010 -

The number of satisfied customers increased to 1,000.

2012 -

We are setting up a subsidiary in Poland.

2014 -

Over 1,500 of our employees start work every day.

2015 -

Europa Workintense opens its first branch in Slovakia.

2017 -

We are expanding our operations to Hungary.

2021 -

We have 3,000 satisfied customers.

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