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We will convince top professionals to work for you

Do you know who you want for the top position in your company and you need to reach him? Or are you looking for a highly specialized specialist, what is the need on the Czech labor market? With us, you will expand your horizons beyond the borders of the Czech Republic - we can get highly qualified professionals from Eastern Europe for you.

Unlike the standard selection process for regular employees, headhunting works on the basis of many years of experience and personal ties. We can discreetly reach top experts and convince them that the work experience in your company will move them professionally.

In order for everything to go smoothly, we will provide the selected candidate with all legal formalities and we will also take care of practical matters related to life in the new country.

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Leave recruitment and paperwork to us

We will first consult with you exactly what you expect from the employee and look for the best specialists in Eastern Europe.

We will convince the best candidate that working in your company is a welcome career shift for him, and we will also help him with appropriate accommodation and adaptation to the new environment.

We will arrange a selection procedure and our visa and legal department will take care of all administration.

We have a wide database at our disposal. We monitor long-term professionals with many specializations and we know how to reach them so that negotiations lead to success. In addition to ensuring all legal and organizational matters, we will effectively support them in the beginnings in the new country.

Lydia Ignatukova
sales director GOODWORKER

When personnel leasing, then with the help of GOODWORKER

We are an employment agency licensed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

We have experience. We have been providing employees from abroad since the early 1990s. For multinational corporations and smaller companies.

We provide long-term visas and other documents. We help people acclimatize to the new country. We will arrange for them everything they need.

Each project has its own team of specialists in management, recruitment, employee care, law or communication.

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