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Executive Search

We know where to look for qualified talent

Are you looking for a manager with knowledge in a specific field or do you lack a professional with a very specific qualification? These are rare in the market and they are well aware of their values. Therefore, do not limit yourself to the Czech labor market - in Eastern Europe we will select the best candidates with top know-how.

We can not only find professionals, but also discreetly address and convince you that working for you will be a great step in building their careers. Although Executive Search is a time-consuming discipline and a network of personal contacts, we have great results with it when you plan to fill a position with a person with high demands.

In addition, we will provide the selected specialist with all legal requirements and help with accommodation and adaptation - in short, we will take care of everything and you will get a reliable employee.

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You are safe with us

We will find out exactly who you are looking for and go through our databases of experts with specific education and skills.

We will take care of the administration's administration, acquaint the candidates with the lifestyle in the new environment and help them find accommodation.

Our Visa Legal Department will guide you through the process of legalization under the Qualified Employee Program.

We have recruitment centers and an overview of professional networks directly in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries - so we don't have to worry about finding a suitable candidate. Thanks to extensive experience in administration and legal matters, the accession process runs quickly and smoothly.

Lydia Ignatukova
sales director GOODWORKER

When personnel leasing, then with the help of GOODWORKER

We are an employment agency licensed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

We have experience. We have been providing employees from abroad since the early 1990s. For multinational corporations and smaller companies.

We provide long-term visas and other documents. We help people acclimatize to the new country. We will arrange for them everything they need.

Each project has its own team of specialists in management, recruitment, employee care, law or communication.

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