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Leave part of the production or logistics to us. We guarantee quality and compliance with deadlines

If you need to arrange for truck unloading, component packaging or distribution of goods throughout the region, we will arrange this. We will take over the task from you and start working without undue delay.

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Outsourcing frees you from worries when you are pressed for time
or you want to do other tasks

We have proven employees who can take work, think about it and rely on them. They will fulfill the assigned tasks in a quality and timely manner - we guarantee it by contract.

We react really fast. We will take over smaller orders for you within a few days. For larger tasks, it depends on the difficulty, assignment and other circumstances, but we usually start the cooperation within 2 weeks.

Thanks to outsourcing, coordination, employee remuneration or communication with the authorities are behind us. All worries and responsibilities of the employer will be eliminated and you can focus on core business.

We will perform the agreed activity at our place or on the premises of your company. We will adapt to your wishes and the size of the order.

We help most often companies with logistics, we will take over part of production in automotive or we provide distribution of goods for e-shops (so-called fulfillment).

It doesn't matter if you need help with the production of components in automotive, or you run an e-shop where logistics grows over your head. Outsourcing frees your hands and gives you peace of mind. As a result, you can engage in activities that increase your profits.

Lydia Ignatukova
sales director GOODWORKER

Why outsource the outsourcing agency GOODWORKER

We are an employment agency licensed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

We have experience. We have been providing employees from abroad since the early 1990s. For multinational corporations and smaller companies.

We provide long-term visas and other documents. We help people acclimatize to the new country. We will arrange for them everything they need.

Each project has its own team of specialists in management, recruitment, employee care, law or communication.

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