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Workers from Ukraine

They do a lot of work and also support craft professions

Warehouse worker, welder, VZV driver, production operator or restorer. We fill the working professions and office positions with people from Ukraine. We know from employers that they can take jobs, adapt quickly and become loyal employees.

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It is crucial for the employment of Ukrainians to address the labor law agenda in a timely manner. We can ensure a quick and smooth transition from short-term to long-term work. Thanks to this, companies have lower turnover, they do not have to train newcomers all the time and people stay with them for 5 years.

Lydia Ignatukova
sales director GOODWORKER

We will find the right people and make sure they fit in with you

We have our own recruitment centers in Ukraine. Your future employee knows from the beginning where and what position he will take. Thanks to that, we avoid unpleasant surprises.

We have our own visa and legal department. We handle all employment law matters, including visas and obtaining an employee card.

We will arrange transport to the Czech Republic and accommodation in a hostel, hostel or hotel.

We help manage the beginning in a new country. Our staff is still available to employees and can be contacted at any time.

We will make sure you understand each other. We have an interpreter at our disposal and we will help with health and safety training. Upon request, we will arrange a bilingual coordinator directly in the operation, who will take care of the newcomers.

In case of interest, we will arrange collection to the workplace, work aids and clothing.

What types of cooperation do companies use most often

Outsourcing of partial processes

Temporary assignment of staff

Tribal staff


With agency employees, you can handle a large order faster, thanks to outsourcing, you can focus only on activities that increase profits.

With GOODWORKER you have a job

people from the East without worries

We are an employment agency licensed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

We have experience. We have been providing employees from abroad since the early 1990s. For multinational corporations and smaller companies.

We provide long-term visas and other documents. We help people acclimatize to the new country. We will arrange for them everything they need.

Each project has its own team of specialists in management, recruitment, employee care, law or communication.

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We will discuss your situation and come up with the best solution.